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The Skincare and Make-up

The Skincare and Make-up. Are you one of the people who pay attention to the use of skincare and makeup, Ladies? However, are you right in applying the skincare and makeup that you use every day? Come, pay attention to the order to apply skincare and makeup right!

The Skincare and Make-up

1. Facial Cleanser

The first step before applying skincare and makeup is to clean your face. Rinse and always repeat this step if you feel your face is full of dirt or after you are outdoors.

2. Toner

After cleaning your face, a product that is no less important to apply is toner. Besides functioning to cleanse the face to the fullest, toner can also help to shrink and lock the pores on the face.

3. Acne cream

If you have inflamed pimples or scars on certain parts of your face, you might be advised to use this acne cream, Ladies. Take a little cream in accordance with what is needed for acne or scars, then dab on the face that has inflamed pimples or scars or pimples.

4. Serum

The general rule when using face creams is to start by using the mildest products first. A serum can deliver the active ingredients contained in serum deep into the pores that can treat the skin.

5. Eye Cream

Who often puts eye cream last in the application of skincare or makeup? Just like the serum, eye cream must also be used first before using any skincare products.

6. Moisturizer

After using eye cream, you can use a moisturizer. This product is no less important for use to keep skin hydrated and prevent dry skin.

7. Sunscreen

Some of us may use sunscreen often, Ladies. In fact, sunscreen is important for your skin because it can prevent direct exposure to sunlight which will result in spots or dark spots on the face. Therefore, use sunscreen directly after cleaning and using some of the skincare products above, yes.

8. Primer, Foundation and Concealer

The primary role is to maintain longer makeup and can also function to deal with problems on the face, such as spots and holding oil on the face. Therefore, after using sunscreen, don’t forget to use primer, Ladies. After that, you can use foundation and concealer if you want to cover or disguise certain parts of the face.

9. Powder

The powder is made to regulate makeup and absorb excess oil on the face. Therefore, it is advisable to rub the powder using more brushes on the T-zone, chin, and under the eyes. This is also to lock the concealer that has been used before.
10. Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara

Pay attention to the order in applying eye makeup. Rub the eyeshadow first.

After that, apply eyeliner and mascara to freshen the eye lines and beautify the appearance of eyelashes.

11. Eyebrows

This step is the final sequence of applying skincare as well as makeup. Yup, if the above stages are finished, draw eyebrows.

This step is done last so as not to disturb or destroy the previous makeup that has been applied.

So, have you followed the order to apply skincare and makeup properly, ladies? Or do you have a modified order?