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Reasons to Wear Wigs

Reasons to Wear Wigs. And How to Take Care of them.

The use of wigs is a choice to increase your confidence. Besides being intended for aesthetic purposes, the use of wigs is also sometimes intended for medical reasons, for example in people who experience baldness due to side effects of chemotherapy.

There are many choices of toupee that can be used to increase one’s confidence. Factors that can be taken into consideration also vary, ranging from factors of color, shape, to style.

Reasons to Wear Wigs

Types of Wigs

Based on the basic ingredients, objects commonly called wigs are divided into two:

Made from human hair

Usually, wigs made from real human hair are more expensive. Besides being expensive, this wig has a longer time in the setting when it is going to be used. The advantages of this toupee are more felt and look natural. Another positive thing about this type of toupee made from human hair is that it can be more durable and suitable for those who have permanent hair problems.

Made from synthetic

Easier to manage when you want to wear is the main advantage of synthetic wigs. Aside from being relatively cheaper, this type of toupee also has more choices, so it’s right to deal with temporary hair problems.

Why Does Someone Need Wigs?

Some people wear wigs because they are based on needs that cannot be denied. Some medical problems that make a person need a wig, namely:

Baldness problem

When someone experiences baldness that is already severe, wigs can be a solution.

For men, baldness problems usually arise at the age of 50 years and over, and this is related to heredity.
There is also a condition of hair loss called alopecia areata. This condition can afflict men and women with the characteristics of hair loss on the head in the form of areas such as circles, can also lose hair on other body parts. Provisional allegations mention that autoimmune disorders as a cause of hair loss. Reasons to Wear Wigs.
For both men and women, wigs provide a variety of choices with different styles. This of course can make someone appear more confident. One thing that is important as a reminder when trying to use a wig is do not believe in the myth that says that wearing toupee will make more hair fall out.


When a person undergoing cancer treatment with chemotherapy, the side effects of hair loss can occur for a while. Chemotherapy drugs are intended to kill cancer cells, but can also attack healthy cells including hair roots. Reasons to Wear Wigs.
One solution is to use toupee. Another option is to wear a head covering. The scalp will likely be more sensitive when undergoing chemotherapy, so that if left without a cover, it can be easily irritated by sunlight or cold temperatures.

Certain medical conditions

There are various medical conditions that can cause hair loss, such as thyroid disease, hormonal disorders, menopause, fungal infections on the scalp, stress, severe infections, side effects of drugs, malnutrition and anemia. After the condition is treated, the hair will grow back. But if you feel disturbed by the loss that occurs, while waiting for the growth of hair, you can use a wig.
Treat Wigs in the Following Way

To be durable and comfortable to wear, wigs also need treatment. Treatment steps that can be used as guidelines include:

Clean the wig using a wig and conditioner special wig, then dry.
Never use a vise or a curling iron on a synthetic wig, unless the wig is made of a special polymer which is heat-resistant.
Use a wig stand to store it so the wig is not tangled. If traveling, use a wig stand that can be folded.
Comb the wig carefully and slowly using a special comb for the wig, not an ordinary comb.
Take off the hair clip immediately after use so the wig doesn’t curl or bend permanently.

So that the selection of wigs to beautify or enhance the wearer, it never hurts to consult with a hairdresser. Their advice is certainly very useful for determining the wig cut and style that suits the face and character of the wearer. For hair loss caused by certain medical conditions, you need to consult a doctor to get the right treatment.